May 10, 2012

Google Maps 3D Tours

Google Maps has recently added a new feature that I learned about from the award winning Free Tech 4 Teachers blog written by Richard Byrne.  Now while looking around the map, you can take virtual 3D tours of some locations which have been created using panoramic images submitted by users.  This makes the fly around cool looking because you get to see images taken at different times of day with different types of cameras which produces a neat effect.  To see a 3D tour in action check out the video below:

Now What?

Talking with teachers I understand that it is difficult to work with Google Earth for a number of reasons (IT has to install it, computer doesn't support the intensive graphics, students don't have access) so this could be a great way to show them a fly by tour without having to create it or access it through Google Earth.  This is also a great virtual field trip resource for those teachers looking to pre-teach before a trip or in place of the actual visit.

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