May 24, 2012

Animated Fakebook

As I have shared here before, Fakebook is a really cool way to get students to create a false Facebook page for a an historical figure, book character, or even place or event.  Recently I found out on Free Tech 4 Teachers that they have added a new feature to their site which allows you to animate your Fakebook profile.  No, you won't be able to make your person dance or anything but you will be able to show the progression of the page.  This is a great way to use Fakebook as a timeline creator or historical synopsis.  Check out this profile for Harry S. Truman to see this feature in action.

Now What?

If you haven't used Fakebook in the past, check out the short tutorial below which walks you through how to create you very own profile in a matter of minutes.  Also if you are interested, I have also created some great resources for the creation of a profile including agraphic organizer for planning and a reference sheet...feel free to use them in your classroom.  For those with SmartBoards...check out this template for use with SMART Notebook.

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