May 29, 2012

Study Stack

Study Stack is a great website for studying flash card type content using a variety of educational games and puzzles.  To test out Study Stack I used a set of flash cards for cellular Biology (not sure why...being that I don't remember very much from my high school biology days) where you could put the cards into two categories (correct or incorrect).  Once finished, I was able to go back and review the cards that I had gotten incorrect.  After studying the cards, I checked out the wide variety of games that were associated with the deck (see below) and was very impressed by the number of different ways you can interact with the content.  You can even export the cards for use with a number of differnt iOS and Android study apps which is great for on the go review.
Now What?

Study Stack seems to be a great alternative to Quizlet or Funnel Brain or any other study sites.  For those students who get bored easily studying the cards over and over or playing the same games again and again, this site will be a nice reprieve.  For more alternatives to Study Stack, check out my study tools page on Google Sites.

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