June 16, 2012


Cropp.me is a really simple web app that does just what it says...crops photos.  Why open up a full blown image editing suite just to crop out that random guy in the background?  Head over to cropp.me and get it done in a snap.  You can also crop several images at once and download them all as a zip file.  I also liked that cropp.me automatically suggested the best crop before I even dragged the mouse.  You can also crop your image to one of nine predetermined sizes which makes it even easier to upload and go.

Now What?

Cropp.me is an excellent tool to share with your students for all of their cropping needs.  It is free to use and does not require a log in.  Very simple and fast.  If cropp.me doesn't "cut it" then you can check out Croppola.

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