June 6, 2012

Google Cultural Institute

Google is at it again...this time they are offering people around the globe the opportunity to immerse themselves in cultures from around the world through multimedia tours called the World Wonders Project on a site tilted Google Cultural Institute.  On this site you can traverse the globe virtually with your students stopping at the most famous sites on Earth.  Using street-view technology on Google Maps, classrooms around the globe can check out themes that include archaeological sites, architecture, cities and towns, historic sites, monuments and memorials, palaces and castles, parks and gardens, places of worship, regions and landscapes, and wonders of nature.  When exploring an individual site you get much more than just a street view experience.  You also get some information about the site, YouTube videos related to the site as well as great high resolution Getty images.

Now What?

For many students (and teachers) this will be the only time that they get to explore Stonehenge or Yellowstone National Park.  By sharing this site with your students you will be helping to provide them with a more globalized perspective.  Also, by visiting these different places from around the world you are helping to give students more of a background for understanding the people and cultures of these places.

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