June 7, 2012

Flocabulary | 18 Years in Rap for Class of 2012

Flocabulary is a rapper turned educational rapper and on his site he has some really great content that "used" to be free...but not anymore.  However, each year for the last couple of years, he has put out a free rap recounting the last 18 years for those students graduating in June.  The video and lyrics review the headlines for the last 18 years.  If you would like to see the lyrics for the song you can check out Flocabulary's page.  In addition, you can check out a bunch of free resources that go along with the song including activities and quiz questions.

Now What?

Unfortunately most of the resources found on Flocabulary are not free.  This one is and can be a great way for students to take a look at the past 18 years and how our world has changed/been affected.  Another great resource for educational raps is Rhyme N Learn which has a lot of great songs for math and science.

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