June 13, 2012


Nearpod is a FREE iOS app which allows teachers to share and sync with the student iPads in their classroom using wi-fi.  Teachers can use this app to deliver their lessons or even share a student's iPad with the rest of the class.  In addition, teachers can use Nearpod to create quizzes and polls and view the results in real time either individually or whole class. As a bonus...once you create your account you can then upgrade your account to their silver membership for FREE!  As a silver member you can create up to 10 multimedia presentations using Nearpod's content creation tool, attend live webinars, and export your detailed student reports.  From within the teacher app you can even access other excellent presentations for use with your class.  Click here to download the teacher app.

Now What?

If you have a classroom set of iPads this app is a must have.  It reminds me of the SMART Synchroneyes software which I used in my classroom while teaching computers.  The best application, in my opinion, for this software is the ability to share other student's work with the class.  It's also a great way to get immediate feedback from students.

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