September 6, 2012


Gooru is a "search engine for learning" where free open content from the web is tagged and categorized for search by teachers and students.  When searching through the content on Gooru it is good to know that the results have been vetted and sorted according to validity and popularity.  When I first reviewed Gooru last year it contained only resources for math and science.  They have since updated their resources to include history content as well.  Also new to the site is a library section where you can see all of the resources broken out by subject rather than having to search for what you need.  You can even save your own resources from around the web to a "drawer" and create your own collections for sharing on the site.

Now What?

Gooru is a great resource when planning a lesson for your class or sharing with students for their own exploration as a supplement to your course.  If you are looking for a way to aggregate all of the resources you are finding on the web this would also work well using the "quote it" feature that you can install to your browser.

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