September 18, 2012

Google Spreadsheets Commenting

Last week Google made an announcement which seems to be long overdue.  For a while, comments have been something available in Google documents but not in spreadsheets.  This is no longer the case.  The next time you are working with a Google spreadsheet or the results of a Google form, you will see the ability to add comments as well as include notes for single cells.  These two features are very useful and easily applied.  To add a comment to a cell, choose Comment from the Insert menu.  To add a note, it's the same process but instead choose Note.  A comment is denoted by a yellow triangle in the top right hand corner of the cell while a note is represented by a black triangle.  In addition, a cool feature is the ability to comment directly to another user by typing a plus sign followed by their email address, like this: That person will then receive an email with your comment.

Now What?

Creating a conversation in spreadsheets allows multiple users the opportunity to discuss the results or add notes for other users to view.  This is a great way to increase collaboration among students who are working on a shared document or spreadsheet.

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