September 21, 2012

Weekly Technology Assignment - Boom Writer

Boom Writer is a unique site based on collaborative writing and student voting.   Boom Writer allows students to work within a safe environment and create one chapter at a time as part of a class.  The students then have the opportunity to vote for the chapter they think is the best fit for the story before moving on to the writing of the next chapter.  If you want, you can even purchase a published version of your book for $9.99.  To learn more about how Boom Writer works check out the "How It Works Page".

Tech Tool:  Boom Writer

Activity:  Creating a collaborative book in your class is a great way to involve all students in the writing process while at the same time validating each individual student's efforts.  In an English class, this can be used to develop a creative story or as a resource for writing prompts.  How about in other classrooms?  What better way to give purpose to your student's hard work than to have them create a resource that can be used by your classes in the future?  Another idea is to have your students begin to create a collaborative journal about their studies, school events, etc.  For more information and ideas, check out Boom Writer's teacher page

Example:  Pierce School

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