November 16, 2012

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

Last week I was talking with some teachers about curriculum  in their computer classes.  I presented some different documents such as the ISTE NETS for students and some other district's technology plans as we worked toward adopting something to guide our courses.  Being that we had just sat through two hours of PD on Bloom's revised taxonomy and the new DOK (Depth of Knowledge) I had "categorized" student learning on the brain.  

When I see Bloom's taxonomy I always think about in terms of the various web 2.0 sites that I review and use with students in school.  While reading a blog recently I discovered a couple of very interesting digital representations of Bloom's Taxonomy.  In this entry the author also made mention of how he uses these versions of Bloom's work with students.  What a great idea!  I have never heard of a teacher sharing this with students from the learning side rather than the teaching side.  This really hit home with me because I have been thinking a lot recently about how students process and learn in school.

It seems to me that students don't really see a purpose to what they are doing in school.  It all just seems like busy work and a means to an end which is graduation.  I really think that having a conversation with students about the different levels of understanding and how teachers (and students) should be keeping this taxonomy in mind when teaching and learning.  Check out the graphics below and share them with your students.  I think it will be a worthwhile experience.

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