November 29, 2012


We've all seen them...some are annoying but some are absolutely awesome.  Animated GIFs recently celebrated their 25th birthday and they are still going strong.  Teachers are one of the biggest consumers of animated GIFs, mostly on their webpages.  There are animated GIFs for just about every subject and content area.  Now you can even create your own animated images without any prior graphic design experience!  GIF Pal is a great website that is easy to use and free.  Create a GIF to demonstrate PEMDAS, how about a GIF depicting the progression of battles during the Civil War, cell mitosis or the creation of secondary colors.  With a little creativity and the ability to snap a screen shot of your computer, you can do just about anything!

Now What?

Teachers are always looking for more engaging ways to present content to their students (and have their students present content to the class).  GIF Pal is another tool you can add to your bag of tricks to make things a bit more interesting.  Other great sites for animating images are Thing LinkSpeaking Images, and Blabberize.

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