January 11, 2012

YouTube Resources

Just about every teacher is using YouTube in their classroom these days but there are a lot of speed bumps that could derail you and prevent you from using a video.  Some of the common pitfalls are that YouTube is blocked entirely, videos have ads and comments surrounding the content, the part you want starts halfway through video, you want to show the video in Smart Notebook, etc.  Let's take a look today at how you can account for these issues and move beyond them...

Showing YouTube Video without Comments, Related Videos, etc.
You have a great video to show to students but YouTube always has inappropriate related videos or comments popping up.  You could embed the video (see below) or you could use ViewPure which is a site designed to clean up YouTube videos in a jif.  ViewPure couldn't be easier to use...simply paste in the video's URL, click "create" and voila you have a link to a completely clean YouTube video without anything surrounding the content.  You can even get a toolbar button which will provide you with one-click cleanup.

Modifying Start and End Times of YouTube Videos
There is a great video you want to show but it's twenty minutes long and the part you want to watch is ten minutes into the video.  You don't want to have to mess around with the play slider to find the right spot so what are you going to do?  TubeChop is a site designed to allow you to chop a YouTube video into segments to share with others.  Once on the site, drop in the URL and then use TubeChop's editing features to snip the segment you want to use.  From there you can then embed the video or share it using a link.

Showing YouTube Video without Access to YouTube.
You have a great video to show to students but YouTube is blocked and you cannot find the video anywhere else.  You could embed the video (see below) or you could use ViewPure (see above)

Embedding YouTube Video in Smart Notebook or Other Applications
You're creating a lesson on public speaking using Smart Notebook and you want to include a video of a bad speech from YouTube.  There is no way to embed using Smart Notebook and you cannot access the code to include a link.  What do you do?  Simply head over to Online Covert and drop your URL into the box provided.  Shortly thereafter you will have yourself a FLV file that can be downloaded and imported into Smart Notebook for viewing.  On this site you can even start and stop the video at a certain time or resize it.  Once you have the FLV file from Online Covert, click on insert in Smart Notebook and then choose "Flash Video File".  This is also a great way to download YouTube videos for showing them on the go without internet access.

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