April 23, 2012


Gooru is a fairly new website which is a useful for math and science teachers looking for some great resources for their classes.  Once I created my free account I found that there were lots of different types of resources available including videos, interactive displays, documents, diagrams, and quizzes.  These resources are broken out by topics so you can find what you are looking for quite easily.

Once you create an account on Gooru you can browse and use the free resources saving them to your "resources folder" on the site.  You can even grab the browser extension which will allow you to save content from other sites into your Gooru folder.

Now What?

Gooru is a great resource for finding new content and lesson plan ideas for teachers of math and science.  Students can even use Gooru to find materials for review or to take practice tests on the available subjects.  For those teachers with interactive whiteboards, Gooru makes it very easy to find interactive websites which will work with your boards.

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