May 27, 2012

Google Green

Anyone who follows this blog knows that I use Google apps on a regular basis.  I have come to rely on them so much that it would take a tremendous amount of time for me to change my ways if they ever went away.  It would be very difficult to go back to MS Office.  Recently I discovered Google Green (read about it on the Educational Technology Guy's blog) a website devoted to outlining Google's initiatives to decrease their carbon footprint.  There are many interesting parts of the site including how Google's campus was developed using wind power and solar electricity.  There is a lot of information on here but what I found most interesting was the animated tour of how your mail gets from point A to point B called "The Story of Send".

Now What?

It's good to know that a company the size of Google has devoted so much energy and resources to promoting a zero carbon imprint.  The Google Green site is a nice way for them to share their projects and considerations of the environment but it also gives you an inside look at the empire that is Google.  This could be a great resource to use in a computer classroom in order to better understand how Google's applications work.

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