May 10, 2012

Jelly Cam

Every time I see a stop motion animation video, I think how cool it looks (Common Craft) and then wish that I was creative enough to do it.  If you are like me, there may be hope for us yet.  Jelly Cam is a simple application built for taking images and making them into a flash animation.  To get started you simply download the picture uploader from Jelly Cam and then upload your images.  Once your images are into the editor, you can add a soundtrack and have some fun.  Unfortunately, Jelly Cam cannot take the photos for you (unless you use your webcam) so that part could take some time but ultimately this is a great way to create a nice flash animation using your own images.  Below is an example of a short video creating using Jelly Cam by an elementary student:

Now What?

Jelly Cam is an excellent site for students who are into video production and this easy to use application would work well with students of all grades.  Time lapse photography is a great way to show change over time (plants, outdoor scene) or explain a concept like Common Craft does with it's series "Plain English".  Another great stop motion animation site to check out is SAM Animation which is a similar download with more features.

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