May 11, 2012 is a great website which allows you to create your own infographic using drag and drop editing.  It took me a minute to get used to all of the editing tools but once I got going it was pretty easy to use.  You can drag out a template to make getting started a little easier or you can get going from a blank canvas and use their shapes, objects, text, charts or even upload your own images into the graphic. offers many different backgrounds to easily present your data and then save and export your image for sharing.

For more information about using check out the video below.

Now What? is in beta right now and looking for users to try it out and give some feedback.  I used it to quickly create a graphic for a social studies class about to study the Civil War death toll and found some bugs.  It also does not work in IE so make sure you are using FF, Chrome, or Safari when you try it out.  As a teacher infographics are excellent because they force the students to think analytically about the data.  This would also be a great project for a student to complete as well.

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