May 11, 2012

Sponge Lab

Sponge Lab is a beta site which has been developed by a group of scientists, teachers, animators, artists, and programmers passionate about science education. The purpose of Sponge Lab...make available cutting-edge technology and stunning interactive media for everyone, regardless of fiscal constraints.  Exploring around the site as a guest, I found Sponge Lab to be easy to use and full of resources.  The content available for searching includes graphics and images, games and simulations, animations and video, case studies, lesson plans, and quizzes.

Watch the short trailer below about Spongelab Interactive...

Now What?

Sponge Lab looks to be an excellent resource for science teachers as well as students completing a project or looking for some information about a variety of science topics.  I liked the ability to search by subject area as well as by topic.  Sponge Lab is kind of like Googling for information without having to Google it because everything you are looking for is in one place for you to explore.  One of the resources that I found previously and bookmarked was the Build A Body simulation which is great for students learning about the body's systems.

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