May 25, 2012

Weekly Technology Assignment 10 - Smore

Hey what do you know...this is already the tenth edition of the Weekly Technology Assignment!  I hope that you find these mini lessons and tutorials beneficial in planning new opportunities for your students to use technology in the classroom or at home.  This week's assignment will be to create a flyer using the website Smore.  Flyers can be used to promote an event or they can be just a one page informational handout or presentation visual.

Tech Tool:  Smore

Activity:  This weeks activity is not only for your students but also for YOU.  Using Smore you will create a flyer for something that is coming up in your school or in your classroom.  How about a flyer for the graduation ceremony or field day?  A newsletter about your classroom?  Creating a flyer using Smore is quick and easy so this can just be a homework assignment for your students.  They can create an informational flyer about a reading from the previous night or a topic you are covering in class.  It can even be about a famous person or event like in my tutorial below.

Example:  Fourth Grade News

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