May 26, 2012

Quizlet Multiplayer Game

Quizlet, which is probably the most comprehensive of all the web based flash card sites, has recently developed a multiplayer mode where you can play against other users in real time.  This has been a feature that has been requested for quite a while by users and this week it was finally released.  It reminded me of something I saw in an advanced language lab classroom earlier in the year on a tour of Watertown High School where the students played against each other while translating content.   Quizlet's Multiplayer game focuses on sentences and using the words in context. It allows a group of students to write sentences using a vocabulary word, individually and anonymously rate everyone's sentences, and then review the mistakes of each sentence as if in a classroom peer editing setting.  This game also tracks scores and statistics as do the other study games on the site.  I see this study tool being wildly popular on Quizlet.

Now What?

If you are new to Quizlet be sure to check out my Quizlet tutorial playlist on YouTube.  If you are interested in other flash card sites, check out this list of study tools on my Tech Messages website.

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