June 12, 2012

Flash Files in Smart Notebook

If you have been using Smart Notebook's toolkit you may have noticed that it is lacking in the area of science simulations.  What's nice about Notebook is that you can import your own animated .swf files but then you would need to know how to use Macromedia Flash to create your own animations...or do you?  Freeze Ray is a website that has a ton of science simulations that are all flash based and with a little bit of finagling (sp?) you can use those .swf files right in your Notebook lessons.  To see how easy this can be done, check out the tutorial below:

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Kurt Zeppetello said...

Mike, thanks for finding Freeze Ray. I will be using this in the upcoming school year. Has many useful chemistry applications. I know it's has been a month since your post but better late than never...

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