September 7, 2012

QR Voice

QR Voice is a great little site which allows you to create a QR code using audio and then share that code in several ways.  To get started simply head over to QR Voice and type or record your audio up to 100 characters.  Next, click on the image of a QR code and you are good to go.  You can also resize the image before sharing by dragging the slider left or right.  Sharing is simple with the Twitter and Facebook buttons on the page but you could also share the shortened URL by e-mail or writing it on the board.  The screenshot below shows you the simple interface of the page.

Now What?

Using QR codes in your classroom is a great way to break up the content and get students involved in the learning.  Using QR codes you can create a Treasure Hunt,  create assessment questions, or anything in between.

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